⭐he GOOD NEWS of the day !! ⭐ The soaps that were out of stock arrived ... 😀 The coconut and olive household soaps need some drying time before we send them. (Cubes and bars) I know that many of you wait for flakes ... neutral, orange blossom and lavender. Now they are waiting for you .. 😉 And little novelty Liquid black soap with olive oil and linseed oil flavored with essential lavender oil. Our round soaps that smell so good 😍 are also available. A quick tour of the online store will introduce you to other newly arrived products. Good day to all of you!

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Lime, Raspberry, Lemon, Apricot and Lavender.

A large batch of new soaps!

Ok we want here to go directly to the point : we have a lot of new soaps with new fragrances. So I guess I should just make a list here so you can judge for yourself and shop one or several of those really nice products from France.
In the "classical" shape (and weight) section of our Provence soaps; here are two new great fragrances : Lime and Raspberry.

Want soaps with grains? You might love our exfoliating Bran and Lemon soap and the soap with embedded Apricot pits as well. Ouch!

Also we thought this little lavender cube is too cute to be left alone in Provence. Poor baby. So we brought it here in Canada!

One last gift for the road : we offer a 50% discount on our 100g blue lavender Provence soap and 250g bags of rose soap flakes. Well, while it last.
Enjoy summer time!

Marseille soap flakes.

Nearly two weeks ago we had tons of soaps that arrived from Marseille. Among our regular products we also received some new ones which will be put online as April unfold.

Just like this 1kg bag of Marseille soap flakes.

Basically, those soap flakes are grated household Marseille cube soaps made on a olive oil base.

Dye and frangrance-free.


hoist up the sails


Finally, our heavy load of household Marseille soaps has left the soap factory and is en route to Canada.

Unfortunately it will take longer than expected since the cargo is planned to dock on March 26.

Meanwhile, we still have enough 300g olive oil cube soaps to hold on until the end of March, so please enjoy them :)

Thank you.

Soaps are coming.


Tomorrow afternoon on Tuesday 19th, our missing soaps with sku starting with the letter L will be available again (except soap powder, L500POU and L250POU which is discontinued).

So all those Marseille cube soaps for the body will be tag as "in stock":

- L300OLI
- L300PAL
- L600OLI
- L600PAL

Plus, the following 300g scented cube soaps : orange blosson, lavender, rose.

Thank you!

Here they come!


The ship carrying our Marseille soaps is going to dock next week at the Port of Montreal, on Thursday, January 14th to be exact.

Of course, that does not mean we will have our missing soaps right away since they must be unloaded and go through customs clearance. So, we hope to see many of our soaps available again sometime during the week of January 18th.

Note that only soaps whose reference (or SKU) starting with the letter "L" are going to be restocked at this time.

There will be a couple of new products, but we will unveil them later on. :)

Mystery and patience.

Stephane from Au savon de Marseille.